Janice Walters Power Step Instructor

Janice Walters

Strength & Cardio Instructor

Janice Walters Bio & Schedule

A shy person is an unlikely candidate for fitness instructor, yet THIS shy person began teaching, after much persuasion and encouragement, 21 years ago and has loved every minute.

Janice found strength and confidence in front of people and rather enjoys telling them what to do!  She started teaching Hi/Lo and step aerobics.  She’s continued with step but has also added HiiT and Tabata classes to her lineup.  Her goal for every class?  To have everyone get a great workout and to have fun in the process.

Exercise is a passion for Janice.  Along with studio classes, she enjoys distance running, hiking, walking, yoga, softball and has most recently taken up golf.  A native of Seattle, she enjoys traveling to warm and sunny places whenever possible.

She lives nearby with her husband and is the proud mother of three wonderful grown daughters.