Power Step

Step Aerobics is a choreographed routine utilizing a set of steps or moves centered on and around a rectangular platform. The platforms are 4″ high, and can be adjusted by adding risers so the step becomes taller, increasing the intensity of the workout. You’ll use your entire body for this workout, and as is so often the case, you can adjust the level of intensity of your workout with the effort you put into it!

You’ll start to recognize the steps/moves commonly used in class:
Repeater Knee, Knee Step, Over the Top, Round the World, V Step & Funky Repeater Knee are on heavy rotation in a step routine!

If you’ve not taken a step class before, be sure to let your instructor know. It’s important to make sure your step is stable, and your foot steps all the way onto the top of the step to ensure a safe workout!

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Equipment Needed:
In-Studio: Sneakers with Low Grip | Clothes you like to move and sweat in | Water Bottle
At Home: Clear space to move 

Experience Level:
All Levels Welcome


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I began my membership with Community Fitness about 3 years ago, prior to the pandemic, because I found out my favorite dance instructor was there, Medora Cesarano. Honestly, the joy and ‘frolic’ that exists in just that one hour is THE MOST addictive and magical experience I’ve ever had the pleasure of stumbling into. 

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