A Sensual, Sexy, Dance Workout

Ruby Dance Fitness

Ruby Dance Fitness Community Fitness

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Sensual Dancing | Low Impact | Creative Choreography

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A Sexy Dance Workout with no Inhibitions

Ruby is about YOU. What makes you feel confident, how you move, and the knowledge that you are sexy no matter your size, shape, or style.

Indulge in a sensual, seductive, sexy dance workout inspired by instructors who want you to feel empowered. Choreography in this class is designed to activate the qualities of the second chakra: creativity and sexuality. You’ll find a safe place to be playful, feel comfortable in your body, and build community. And hey, it doesn’t hurt that the movements utilized in Ruby are great for strengthening your core, glutes, and thighs!

You don’t have to twerk like Beyonce or shake like Shakira to take Ruby (though we might try on occasion). Ruby is for anyone! Regardless of gender, dance experience, or fitness level, this class is meant to help you feel secure in your body, let loose, and discover self confidence, expression, and exercise.