Total Body Conditioning

This free-form strength conditioning class is a total body workout that will target all major muscle groups while pushing you through a high energy format. In one hour, you will utilize free weights, resistance tubing and your own body weight to perform compound exercises, utilizing superset principles and more. You will improve overall strength, muscular endurance, and body composition.

Students will complete a warm-up segment, muscle-specific exercises, abdominal work and stretching. Improve your body composition and your mood in this feel-good weight training class. Show up in comfortable workout clothes and shoes. Total Body Conditioning is a great complement to your current weight training program or for those just getting started.

Each Instructor has a different approach to how they will teach this class! Visit our ON-Demand Page to sample Virtual Classes, or try In-Studio for a Group Fitness Experience!

Equipment Needed:
In-Studio: Sneakers with Low Grip | Clothes you like to move and sweat in | Water Bottle
At Home: Clear space to move 

Experience Level:
All Levels Welcome


HIdden for now

I began my membership with Community Fitness about 3 years ago, prior to the pandemic, because I found out my favorite dance instructor was there, Medora Cesarano. Honestly, the joy and ‘frolic’ that exists in just that one hour is THE MOST addictive and magical experience I’ve ever had the pleasure of stumbling into. 

Julie Wade | Dance Fitness Testimonial
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