Troy Lucero Guest Master Instructor

Yoga Masterclass 4 Class Series
Presented by Renowned Master Yoga Instructor Troy Lucero

*Note: February 4th Make-Up Class Scheduled for next Monday 2/11

In this series of classes we will study and practice how truly following the breath can help us develop freedom in our postures and insight into the way we move through the world.

Open to all levels.

Dates:  First Mondays Nov 5 | Dec 3 | Jan 7 | Feb 4

Time: 1:30-3:30 pm

Where: Community Fitness Play Studio | 6108 Roosevelt Way NE

Cost: $120 for all four classes or $40 per class

Troy Lucero Yoga Masterclass at Community Fitness

Troy has dedicated the last 28 years to the practice and study of yoga. He has developed a multifaceted technique that allows a person of any age, size, and lifestyle to tap the full potential of what a yoga asana practice has to offer. His primary yoga influences are Tim Miller, Pattabhi Jois, and Richard Freeman.

Skilled at drawing out the natural intelligence inherent in each student, Troy has the unique ability to assess and understand each student’s body and yoga
practice with humor and patience. His hands on teaching style is simultaneously vigorous and contemplative. Known for his insightful and deeply therapeutic adjustments, he offers in-depth knowledge combined with the grace and ease
that comes with years of experience.


Flexibility | Meditation | Core Strength