Flow Dynamically

Vinyasa Flow Yoga


Flexibility | Meditation | Core Strength

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Vinyasa Yoga, sometimes called Vinyasa Flow Yoga or just Flow Yoga, refers to the alignment of movement and breath. In class, you will use breath as a compass, synchronizing inhalations, exhalations, and movement to transition dynamically from pose to pose. Poses come together to create continuous “flow,” becoming an almost dance-like experience. The practice is a moving meditation that balances effort and ease with strength and flexibility.

Style and pace varies from instructor to instructor, so try a few out to find the practice that is right for you. Class will likely include Sun Salutations, forward bends, standing poses, balances, inversions, and back-bends, with flowing vinyasas between each pose.

Vinyasa Yoga is typically a medium to fast-paced class that will generate heat in your body and make you sweat. Whether you are a first-timer or looking for a challenge, our Vinyasa Yoga classes are suitable for any experience level and cover a wide variety of poses. Wear comfortable clothing and bare feet; Mats and equipment provided (but feel free to bring your own).