How To Keep Your Fitness Resolutions This Year

Every January, people all over the world make resolutions that include eating healthier, losing weight, exercising more, etc. But we see more often than not that most people who set these goals recycle them year after year. You know from experience that setting goals is easy — it’s sticking to them that’s difficult. 

However, we’ve got some tips and tricks to help you maintain your fitness resolutions so that they become healthy habits! The first thing we want you to do is cut yourself some slack. You’re human — life gets in the way, and sometimes it’s hard to meet all your goals every day. We all struggle with motivation from time to time (even our instructors at Community Fitness!). Keeping your fitness resolutions takes discipline and consistency, it’s worth it to help us feel our best

However, we think that there are several ways to help you stay motivated and set yourself up for fitness success so that this year goes better than the last. 

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Remember Why You’re Exercising

The first thing we want to talk about is the reason you’re exercising to begin with. Of course, you’ve heard “finding your why,” before, but we believe it’s more than just a buzzword phrase. It’s actually a shortened version of a psychological concept called intrinsic motivation. Intrinsic motivation is defined as the idea of doing something because it’s enjoyable and worthwhile to you, rather than outside incentive or pressure.

When you’re making resolutions or setting goals, the first thing you should ask yourself is why? Why do you want to work out? Keep asking this question until you know the deeper reason you’re hitting the gym or watching those online fitness videos.

Here’s our advice — don’t make your why about a number on a scale, looking good for other people at an upcoming event, or anything else surface level. Go a little deeper. Do you work out because you’ve been feeling a change in your energy levels? Maybe you just want to keep up with your kids. Do you want to keep your fitness resolutions to feel more confident in your own skin? Maybe you just want to feel healthier and stronger or break unhealthy habits you might have learned from your family. Whatever it is for you, make that your why — your intrinsic motivation to keep you coming back and hitting your goals again and again.

Just Show Up

One of the best pieces of advice we can give is to keep showing up! Break up your goals into easily achievable pieces. Sometimes even just doing the bare minimum can help you boost your motivation and keep you on track with your fitness journey. Have you heard of neuroplasticity? It’s the concept known as your brain’s ability to slowly rewire itself by creating or strengthening neural pathways which can lead to greater success in making healthier choices. When you achieve small goals, your brain can feel success and will be more likely to repeat healthy behaviors. Basically, meeting those small goals will allow you to associate working out with good feelings, so that it’s easier to reach your goals.

Set smaller goals that you’ll actually be able to reach. Rather than aiming for five online classes a week, start with 2 or 3. Motivation follows action. No matter how small a move you make, it will inspire you to gain momentum and keep going. Doing something small is better than doing nothing at all!

Focus On What You’re Already Doing Right

When it comes to fitness resolutions, there is typically a tendency to stop because we fixate on what we’re doing wrong. Maybe you’re downhearted because you feel like you’re not hitting the gym enough, or you ate too many snacks this week. However, we believe you should change your perspective and instead focus on what you’re doing right! 

Even just 15 minutes of movement each day can be beneficial for your health. Starting with a shorter walk makes it easier to continually add time after that. At the end of the day, don’t discount the value of making small changes, as they add up over time. 

Remind Yourself Of How Good You’ll Feel After Your Workout

Ok, we’ll be honest — a hard workout doesn’t always sound appealing, especially after a hard day at the office or when you’re already relaxing at home. But you know that feeling after a workout, it’s priceless! 

If you lack motivation, focus on that feeling you’ll get when the workout is done. It always feels good to get your body moving. Some workouts are better than others, but doing something is better than nothing. Focus on your why and how good it will feel to have done something positive for your body and mind, and take one more step in reaching your goals.

Grab An Accountability Buddy

Studies have found that people are nearly 65% more likely to meet their fitness goals after committing to a goal with another person. And those chances of success increase to 95% when they regularly check in with those accountability partners. This could be as simple as sharing your workout schedule with your circle of friends, texting a buddy when you’ve completed your workout, or simply tuning into a livestream class with a group of others striving for the same goals.

It’s easy to let things slide when no one else is watching, which is why accountability is so significant when it comes to sticking to your health and fitness resolutions. 

Surround yourself with people who want to embrace an active lifestyle in the same way that you do. When you’re not particularly feeling like a workout, these people can lift you up and keep you motivated. Join Community Fitness, where you’ll find an entire community of people all working toward the same goals as you. Our instructors are supportive, kind, positive, and ready to meet you where you’re at. 

Invest in Fitness Classes That Fire You Up

The last tip on our list of keeping your fitness resolutions this year is to choose a workout that excites you. Stop signing up for classes you dread going to just because you think you should. Instead, check out some of the thousands of available classes offered by Community Fitness. We have so many options to help you get fired up, have fun, and feel great at the end of each class. 

We have professionally guided courses for:

  • Dance Fitness
  • Strength & Cardio
  • Barre
  • Yoga & Wellness
  • Pilates
  • Indoor Cycle

We firmly believe that when you love your workout and feel like you’re a part of a community, you’ll stick with it, leading to results you can see and feel. Luckily for you, we’ve created a Livestream calendar and an On Demand library of classes so you can tune in and access your favorite workouts or instructors quickly and easily. 

No matter your fitness level or favorite style of exercise, we’ve got curated programs to help you stay on track and stay motivated. And the best part is that you can stream our classes anytime, anywhere – be it at home, on the go, or even at the gym!

Need Some Extra Support? – Community Fitness Can Help!

Do you want 2022 to be different? Surround yourself with people who have similar goals as you. The instructors at Community Fitness can help you get fit, lose weight, build strength, and keep you motivated and inspired to stay healthy. We’ve got your back and make getting fit easy with a vast database of online classes you can tune into whenever and wherever. So let us know what you want to achieve this year, and we’ll help you make your resolutions a reality. 

Hopefully, our above tips make you feel like you have a better handle on your resolutions so that your health and fitness journey can go the distance. Let’s drop the “new year, new me” mantra and replace it with something better, like “new year, baby steps to a healthier, happier me.”

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