Corona Virus Response |  Keeping Our Gym Safe

With concern for our clients, staff and instructors, Community Fitness continues to take steps to keep our gym safe in response to the coronavirus disease COVID-19.

What are we doing to reduce risk of COVID-19:

  • Our in-studio class capacity is currently capped at 75%.
  • We have a “no touch” class sign-in system.
  • Starting March 12, 2022, masks are optional.
  • Full vaccination is required for all clients – to enter the facility.
  • Community Fitness will not be accepting negative Covid tests as an alternative. If you haven’t updated your account vaccination status yet, you must bring an image of your vax card to class or email an image of your vax card to and wait for a confirmation reply before registering for class.
  • We’ve doubled the ventilation recommended by the WA State Department of Health. Studio air is replaced with FRESH AIR 10 times per hour (every 6min).
  • Alcohol hand sanitizer, wipes and spray are available throughout our studios.
  • Sterile disposable gloves are available at the front desk for clients who want them.
  • Staff regularly cleans high touch points such as door handles and plates, cabinet and drawer pulls, faucet and flushing mechanisms, light switches, counter tops, benches, shelves, pens and more with a 60% alcohol sanitizing solution.
  • Yoga: We removed all yoga props from our studios including blankets, bolsters, straps and yoga blocks.
  • We’re currently asking clients to bring their own fitness mats (for classes like Yoga, Barre and some Strength classes).
  • Strength: All traditional “Circuit Training” classes have been modified to individual workout stations.

When attending classes at Community Fitness, we’re asking all clients to:

  • Sanitize your equipment BEFORE and AFTER use.
  • Not Gather in group numbers over 3 in our lobbies.

How to Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

Coronaviruses, including COVID-19, are primary spread between people who are within about 6 feet for greater than 15, without a mask. The same good health habits that prevent other viruses like the flu, also prevent the spread of COVID-19 and decrease the risk of getting sick:

Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds and/or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer, with 60% alcohol.

See below for additional information and resources:

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