King County has entered into Phase 3 of the WA State planned reopening.

Here are some important things to know about our reopening:

What To Expect When You Arrive In-Studio

  • Community Fitness is open at 50% capacity.
  • We’ll continue to livestream classes after reopening, obscuring the classroom image so clients can workout anonymously in our studios.
  • Waiting in lobbies is not permitted at this time. Studio doors will open 20 minutes prior to class. Clients arriving earlier than 20min, must wait outside.
  • We are asking clients to:
    – Arrive 10 minutes early to fill out a Covid Symptom Screening form.
    – Please bring your own fitness mat to the studio.
    – Sanitize equipment before and after each use.

Covid Policy 

  • We’ve doubled the ventilation recommended by the WA State Department of Health. Studio air is replaced with FRESH AIR 10 times per hour (every 6min). 
  • Per WA State requirements, masks are required at all times within the studio, lobby, and restrooms.
  • Without proof of full vaccination, masks must be worn while exercising. (Send proof of vaccination to to workout without a mask)
  • Social Distancing must be practiced at all times within the studio.
  • Clients must fill out Covid Symptom Waiver before each class.
  • For more info about our Covid Policies click here.

Mask Policy

  • If you’d like to workout without a mask, send you proof of full vaccination, (must be 2 weeks past final vaccination), to
  • Without proof of full vaccination, masks must be worn while exercising.

In-Studio Class Registration

  • Pre-registration is required to attend an In-Studio Class.
  • Registration will typically open 1 week prior to the class date.
  • Clients may reserve space in classes via our In-Studio Schedule Page.
  • Payment is required at the time of registration.
  • Clients may purchase and use an Individual Class or a 10-Pack of Classes.

Canceling a Class

If unable to attend a class, clients may cancel registration utilizing the same online scheduling system. Cancelations are permitted up to 4 hours prior to the class start time. When canceling prior to the deadline (early cancels), payment will remain on the client’s account for future use. Payment for cancelations after this deadline (late cancels) and no-shows will not be refunded or credited back to the client’s account.


Each class will have a waitlist equal to the number of spots in class. When a client early cancels their class registration, the first person on the waitlist will be automatically added to the class roster and notified via email (and text if desired). Waitlisted clients will only be moved onto the active roster prior to the 4 hours early cancellation window. Please note that clients on the waitlist agree to the same cancellation terms as listed above. If a person on the waitlist is moved into a space in the class, they are held to the same 4-hour cancellation policy and will not receive a refund for late cancellations or no-shows.

To reiterate, waitlisters only get added to the active roster when there’s an “early cancel” roster spot opening. If there’s a “late cancel” spot that opens up after the 4 hour mark (4 hours or less until class), no one on the waitlist will be automatically moved into class. Late cancelation openings are available for booking on a first come first serve basis. Class registration officially ends 20min prior to class. 

Virtual Subscription  VS  In-Studio Account

In-Studio Accounts are separate from Virtual Subscription Accounts. Payments or credits from In-Studio Accounts may not be transferred to Virtual Subscription Accounts or vice versa.

In-Studio Membership Credit

The expiration dates of all 10-Pack Classes and Individual Classes have been temporarily extended by an additional 18 months to ensure clients can utilize account credit during initial reopening and all subsequent reopening phases. New 10-pack purchases also now have a temporary expiration date of 30 months (2.5 years). This expiration date is subject to change and could be reduced back to a 12-month term in the future, but only if/when pandemic conditions come end. Our intention is to give clients every opportunity to use what they’ve purchased. 

In-Studio Unlimited Monthly Memberships will be kept on hold due to the limited number of spots available in our classes at this time.  

Please note: When In-Studio memberships are offered in the future, we will ONLY restart an In-Studio membership by individual client request.

We’re looking forward to seeing you in-person soon!