Featured Couple: Amanda & Will

“The couple that sweats together, stays together.”

For the month of February, we’ll be featuring the Lovebirds of Community Fitness … those couples whose benches are always parallel in BodyPump or who spend Saturday mornings sharing Cycling stats. Whether their go-to is cutthroat competition or friendly encouragement, they’ll tell you there’s something truly special about working out with the person you love.

Now introducing couple #4 … Amanda & Will! 

Amanda & Will

How long have you been together? 

We have been together a little over a year and have been working out together the whole time. However, it did take me (Amanda) a couple months to convince Will to try out Community Fitness … he thought it would be too easy compared to doing his own workout at the gym. But after taking him to his first Tabata class, I proved him wrong and he hasn’t stopped coming since!

What are your favorite Community Fitness classes? 

We try to get to BodyPump, Cycling, or Tabata during the week, and we always go to Tricia’s Cycling or Tabata on Sundays.

What do you like about working out together? 

We keep each other accountable, even just for getting to class (especially for the 6am classes during the work week). Also, it’s fun to have someone in your class to be your partner or to challenge. We always work out harder when we take class together!

How would you describe your in-class dynamic? 

We encourage and challenge each other. For example, if I see Will isn’t lifting enough weight compared to what he normally does or if I’m doggin’ it during cycling we call each other out!

What do you like to do together outside of class? 

Outside of class we like to do things outdoors like hike, golf, run, or snowboard. We also like to explore parts of Seattle and try out all of the restaurants (currently working through the Tom Douglas group), and hang out with friends and family.

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