Membership FAQ

Membership Update

Memberships have been put on hold effective Monday, March 16. The way our “hold” works: 

  • Clients do not pay for any unused membership days. Any unused days are tracked and available when membership resumes.
  • This “hold” does not count towards your one hold per calendar year.
  • All 10 class packs (valid for 1 year) will be extended by the number of days our business is closed.    

What’s Included?

Unlimited group fitness classes at all three of our studios. With more than 100 classes per week, nearly 30 formats, and an array of top-notch instructors who all bring their personal touch to group fitness, you’re sure to find classes that make your membership worthwhile.

*Membership does not include special events, workshops, or series classes. But don’t let that stop you! If you haven’t noticed, we’ve always got something fun going on at Community Fitness. Tickets are usually available for purchase ahead of time. Check out our events page, sign up for our newsletter, or follow us on Facebook to stay up-to-date.

The Fine Print


  • Your monthly billing date is set to the day of the month that you started your membership contract. You will automatically be billed monthly on that day.
  • Your membership continues each month until you send a written request to cancel your membership or put your membership on hold. See below for information about cancellations and holds.
  • You must provide payment information to start your membership.
  • If your payment method fails for any autopay, you will be asked to provide updated payment information and will be required to pay that month’s membership dues in order to continue taking classes at Community Fitness.


  • Our monthly membership price is $81.50+tax.
  • Our monthly membership price with Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) is $79+tax.
  • To set up a membership with EFT payments, please bring in a voided check to the front desk at either studio. 
  • There is a one-time $20 Contract Start-Up Fee. This fee is due at the beginning of any membership contract (does not apply to memberships that are resumed after being put on hold).


  • You are required to commit to one full month of membership from the start of your membership contract before cancelling or suspending your membership.
  • We require 7 days notice, prior to your next billing day, in order to cancel your membership for the following month. You must email your request to
  • If you cancel your membership, your membership contract will be terminated. You may restart your membership at any time in the future and will be required to pay the Contract Start-Up Fee at that time.


  • Instead of cancelling your membership, you may put your membership on hold. There is no charge to resume a membership from a hold.
  • We require 7 days notice, prior to the date you want your hold to start, in order to process a hold request. You must email your request to
  • You may put your membership on hold only once per calendar year. Holds may not be longer than 3 months. There is no minimum length for a hold.
  • During a membership hold, your monthly billing and monthly membership are suspended. You may still take class, but must pay the Drop-In rate or purchase a 10-class pack.
  • With a hold, your monthly billing and membership will resume automatically after 3 months OR when you choose to resume your membership contract (whichever comes first).
  • Your billing date will be shifted forward commensurate to the length of your hold. For example:
    Explains the billing date shift for memberships that are put on hold

    • We consider the year of your hold start date to be the calendar year for that hold, even if it straddles another calendar year (i.e. if you put your membership on hold Dec. 18, 2020, that hold counts toward your one suspension in 2020, even if the hold continues until Feb. 28, 2021. You would still be eligible to put your membership on hold again in 2021).

    Updated 8/31/19