Who We Are

Community Fitness offers the best group-exercise gym in Seattle—a place to be fit, happy and healthy.

We believe that when people come together and sweat it out, a little magic happens. People discover a safe space to be who they really are, and to share that experience with others who care.

At Community Fitness, you’ll find a group of people working together for a common goal: better living through exercise and teamwork. Getting in shape and feeling good can be a tall order—you shouldn’t have to do it alone.

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Community Fitness started in 2006 with the vision of building community around health and wellness. We broke from the traditional gym model and offered a unique combination of quality group exercise classes, top-notch instructors, flexible scheduling, and a warm, accepting attitude.

Eventually, we outgrew our intimate fitness studio on 65th Street, and in 2010, we opened our second studio on Roosevelt Way.

Now we’re thrilled to offer three studios: Play, Power, and Flow – specializing in different aspects of group fitness. Together our Seattle gyms offer over 100 classes a week in modern fitness studios with state-of-the-art technology and sound systems!

  • Play (Roosevelt Way): Bring a friend and dance your way to great health or try BodyPump™ – a weight-lift workout with a beat!
  • Power (Roosevelt Way): It’s all about strength classes that kick your butt into shape and increase endurance, whether it’s Tabata, Cycling, or Bootcamp.
  • Flow (65th St.): Channel your inner om with yoga, strengthen and lengthen and tone with Barre.