Help keep Community Fitness a welcoming, safe and healthy environment, by following Rules of Etiquette:

Treat everyone with respect

–  If you or someone is mistreated, tell staff immediately

–  Be mindful of other people’s space before, during and after class

–  Refrain from wearing strongly scented personal-care products

No cell phone use during class

–  No talking or texting in the studio while class is in session

–  Clients may not film or photograph during class unless authorized by the instructor

–  CF reserves the right to film or photograph classes for promotional purposes

Honor our space

Wait to enter the studio until the previous class has left

– Exit the studio promptly so the next class can start on time

– Wipe down mats and/or cycles with sanitizing spray & put equipment away neatly

– Please do not put wet wipes or feminine products in toilets. Our plumbing is delicate

This area is hidden because it is pre covid


– First come, first served. No reserved spots

– Sign in. Wait until your name appears on roster before proceeding into class

– 10 min late entry allowed for all classes (exception: 20min for Dance classes)

Sign In

–  Wait until your name appears on the sign-in screen before proceeding into class

–  If taking more than one class, you must exit the studio and sign in for the next class

–  Slow down and be patient while checking in. Attendance numbers affect teacher pay