Group Fitness Instructor

Angie Orthel

Angie Orthel, instructor of BodyPump and Cycle classes at Community Fitness

Angie Orthel

BodyPump™ | Cycle

Angie Orthel starting teaching BodyPump in 2013, after the birth of her third child. A year later she became an Indoor Cycling instructor. She figured she was at the gym everyday, why not do it professionally? She has always been an active person and is addicted to the endorphins and positive outlook that exercise brings.

Angie has a masters degree in mental health but no longer works in the field. She likes to think teaching group fitness is just a different kind of mental health counseling.

Angie is most comfortable on a bike with the music blaring. Teaching cycling is a job she has never not wanted to show up for. When she is not at Community Fitness, she is often busy taking her three school aged kids to piano lessons, gymnastics, football or soccer practice.