Digital Detox Challenge | 2024

January 1 – January 31 2024

Kicking off with an additional detox!

We’ve been with you all through so many New Year Januaries, that we know we’ll see you in the studios working extra hard no matter what we promote! And believe us we’re here for it!

We though we’d shake things up a little and add another layer of challenge for you this month:

So many  of us are spending far beyond what we’d like to admit online & on our devices watching reels, mindlessly scrolling, binge watching, and finding it really tough to limit our daily intake of social media. It’s bad enough that many of our jobs are spent absorbing sleep interrupting blue light, but now we’ve become so addicted to our devices throughout the day, that we are robbing ourselves of extra quality time on so many levels!

How much personal time are we losing in this unhealthy habit? Wanna try to take control over it? If your answer is yes, carry on!

Here are your steps:
Find some friends to join in with you, your fit fam, your co-workers, your partner, your family, or your journal.

Start prepping your mind ahead of time, maybe even starting early to make a shift in your screen time.

Notice each time you feel compelled to pick up your phone, for something other than work. Checking your Tik Tok, your IG, your FB, your “Scrabble Game”, your dating apps, and where you are, and if it’s something you can wait to do later.

Helpful materials to gather:
An old school alarm clock to replace your phone alarm with.
Hobby materials
New Project materials
Board Game
Indoor Games
Deck of cards

Helpful Tips:
Turn off notifications to your social apps
Set a few times a day with a 5/10 minute alarm to watch/scroll

Save this Page in your bookmarks, Download the calendar and in your allotted time, check in with our socials in your allotted time just for added inspiration if needed! This won’t be an all or nothing challenge. Simply use it as a way to minimize your habits if you feel you need it! If you have a bad day, that doesn’t mean the game is over. Pick back up to the next day and try again : ) We Believe in You!!!!

Let’s GO!