Kelly Pope


Kelly Pope has been loving sports and exercise since her wee little legs could walk on their own.

She is an avid road-cyclist having toured 4,000 miles across America in 2017, which landed her here in Seattle. Only upon arrival to this city did she decide to take her cycling indoors (the silver lining to rainy winters). Her love for music and energy gave her the confidence to dance her way through training and she has been teaching ever since.

With a background in coaching, Kelly likes to bring a balance of ‘fun’ and ‘challenge’ to every class. Expect up-beat music of all decades and the urge to groove in-saddle when attending one of her classes.

Though cycling indoors is now one of Kelly’s favorite activities, she also continues to tour (most recently completing 900 miles through Thailand) and indulge in her other outdoor sports of choice: mountaineering, ice-climbing, backpacking, kayaking, and rock-climbing. She also volunteers her time to share her skills and get more people comfortable in the outdoors. After class ask her about some of her favorite adventures!

But all that aside, Kelly’s true passion lives within her photography and videography. Always working on the next project and searching for the perfect angle, it was her photography that led her to indoor-cycling after accepting a Market Manager position for a cycle studio back in 2017. Now teaching at Community Fitness, Kelly could not be more excited to share her love for cycling and working-out with this awesome community.

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