Juneteenth at Community Fitness

This year we are highlighting black-owned businesses recommended by our community at CFit! From Good Eats, Gifts and Sports Training, we hope to grow our list of Black-Owned Businesses you’d like to see highlighted. Especially if they are local to Seattle!
Let us know if you have more businesses for us to add!

Good Eats


Latin American | Roosevelt Way

Check out the inspiring story of Luam Wersom, owner of Mojito from the Internationalist.

From Dishwasher to Owner of Mojito, Luam hails from Ethiopia, and beyond owning a vibrant and beloved Latin American Restaurant in Seattle, supports members of the community in need! Read More.


Ethiopian | Roosevelt Way

This restaurant garnered raves from our members who live in the community and was one of the businesses we featured last year! Plus, the owner of Mojitos gives them a a rave reveiw!


Manifest by Fatima

Pike Place Market

We LOVED these candles from last year’s features! These beautiful candles were recommended again this year! Love the idea of using the little ones as hostess gifts!

Flowers Just for You
Central District

Add this flower shop to your list of florists!
One of Seattle’s Only Black-Owned flower shops! Read More.


Ford Sports Performance


A recco from Yoga Instructor Gina Skene, who’s son works here:
Ford Sports Performance is an athletic training facility in Bellevue, Washington that trains athletes to achieve their full potential on and off the field. Founded and led by Tracy Ford, the team at FSP mentors and creates opportunities for athletes to take their game to the next level whether that’s high school, college, or professionally. Most notably FSP currently trains players on the Seattle Seahawks as well as many other NFL teams and is represented by players on many D1 college football teams.

What is Juneteenth?

Juneteenth | June + 19 + Emmancipation

On June 2 ,2021, Juneteenth was officially declared a Federal Holiday in the United States President Joe Biden. It has been an often overlooked event in our nation’s history by the general public. But  African Americans have long celebrated the day, commemorating freedom, life, family, and preserving the history of this important date.

While the Emancipation Proclamation was put into effect by Congress on December 1, 1863, more than 2 years would pass before the Confederate Texas, the last state still practicing slavery would comply with the Proclamation.

On June 19, 1865, Union troops were sent into Galveston Bay Texas to enforce the Emancipation Proclamation, freeing 250,000 slaves, and this is the date that has become “Juneteenth”.

*It’s important to note that slavery was still rampant throughout Texas after this date, with many slaveholders withholding the news from their slaves in order to keep their free labor.

Today, with growing attention around the holiday, many are wondering how to celebrate the day in a respectful and meaningful manner. Federal business are closed for business that day, and private businesses are left to mark the day as they see fit.

This year we’re going to celebrate by highlighting black owned businesses in our Seattle Community in the following days!

Fitness Resolutions are easier with others! Virtual Workouts include: Bootcamp, HIIT, Circuit, Resistance Band, Core Power & more.
Fitness Resolutions are easier with others! Virtual Workouts include: Bootcamp, HIIT, Circuit, Resistance Band, Core Power & more.

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