Danielle Sharp

Danielle Bregent Instructor at Community Fitness

Danielle’s Bio and Schedule

“Warriors are not born. They are made.”

Danielle lives and breathes group fitness, and has been sharing this passion with her students since 2006. She is an ACE certified group fitness instructor with endorsements in Barre, Kickboxing, Step, Strength Conditioning, Cycling, Yoga, and more.

Danielle’s classes are high energy and intense. Expect a conditioning, full-body workout that doesn’t cut corners.

Danielle has personally experienced the transformative power of group exercise, overcoming life-long obesity in her mid-twenties through a combination of diet and exercise. She enjoys helping others reach their goals so that each person can inspire those around them to be the best possible version of themselves.

A little known fact about Danielle is that she has a background in mixed martial arts and cage fighting.

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