Kat Dowrey

Dance Fitness

Kat’s Bio & Class Schedule

Meet Kat– and get ready to ignite a spark that transforms your fitness journey into an exhilarating experience like none other! These classes are a powerhouse of fun, transformation and pure joy. The vibe is electric and the music is liberating. With every class, Kat offers a chance to transform your bod by combining top club hits and energizing  moves in a safe and supportive atmosphere.
With years of experience lighting up the fitness world as a National Trainer, brand ambassador, and mentor, Kat brings a wealth of knowledge and an infectious enthusiasm to every sweaty sesh! Certified in Turn Up Dance Fitness, BodyPump™, BodyCombat, Step, and HIIT, she crafts workouts that are diverse, challenging, and, most importantly, incredibly fun!
Beyond the studio, Kat’s passion extends to her role in the bio-tech world as the Area Director of a team focused on early cancer detection and AI driven, lifesaving technologies.
Kat’s classes are calling –  time to lace up and get ready to move, sweat and turn up the volume on life itself!

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