Why On-Demand Fitness Might Be The Future of Gyms

According to the Global Health and Fitness Assoication, the fitness industry was worth an estimated $94 billion in 2018. However, this value has fluctuated wildly as the COVID-19 pandemic struck in 2020. Since then, in-studio gyms and fitness brands have had to scramble to adapt to this new normal. On-demand fitness classes and livestream videos replaced traditional in-person courses. So as fitness experts started creating online content, the question arose – Are at-home workouts and on-demand fitness the future of gyms? 

We think that these virtual exercise avenues are not just a passing trend. At Community Fitness, we already had these streams available because we believe that fitness should be accessible, regardless of your fitness level. We’ve got a team of professionals who guide your workouts in person and online so that our members can get a great workout regardless of the chaos of the world around them. So let’s talk a little more about how on-demand fitness and the aftermath of the pandemic have grown the health and fitness industry.

Fitness Resolutions are easier with others! Virtual Workouts include: Bootcamp, HIIT, Circuit, Resistance Band, Core Power & more.

On-Demand Fitness Is Growing The Health and Fitness Industry

Without a doubt, Coronavirus has changed the fitness market forever, leading fitness instructors and gym fanatics alike to redefine their priorities and evolve. The industry has responded by allowing more flexibility with their memberships and restructuring offerings to involve a hybrid of in-person and online services. 

Livestream Videos and On-Demand Fitness Classes

Though video classes and at-home workouts have been around since before COVID-19, the pandemic has undoubtedly helped them become more mainstream and popular. Many people in 2020 either froze their gym memberships or canceled them altogether. Especially with gyms being forced to close their doors due to the global lockdown, many people filled their fitness voids with virtual exercise content, like fitness-centric YouTube channels. Online fitness enthusiasts helped audiences keep their routines despite the drop in in-person classes. 

This shift to digital platforms allowed people to customize their workouts much more than they might in a gym class. Virtual exercises can help people target particular fitness goals they might not be able to with a guided in-person class.

In addition, the lack of available gym equipment at home paved the way for more tailored bodyweight exercises, yoga, HIIT workouts, and more to take center stage. Though shocking for everyone, we think that the pandemic has allowed people to learn more about maintaining a fit lifestyle more holistically.

A More Holistic Approach to Fitness

A hybrid approach to physical fitness with in-person attendance and virtual exercises is beginning to create a more diverse health experience. As COVID-19 lockdowns are finally ending and more gyms are reopening, we are still seeing a shift in focus. Though before, gyms might have primarily been used to improve physical health, the new gym experience hopes to see fitness locations as a way to increase social connectivity and mental health stability and improve overall health and wellness. At Community Fitness, this is our goal as well – to give you an approach to health that goes beyond simple physical exercise.

A place to reconnect with classes and extracurricular options can help create a communal experience, but we know that technology plays a key role. So we’ve invested in only the best cameras and sound equipment to give you the full in-studio experience. We want you to stay connected and get a fantastic workout that feels professional and well-executed. 

Benefits of On-Demand Fitness

Now that we’ve discussed how the industry has changed let’s talk about why on-demand is here to stay. Here are a few benefits that come with on-demand fitness:

First, it’s gives you more options to cusotmize your workout. Maybe one class isn’t enough for you, and you like combining yoga with strength and cardio to get a well-rounded workout. With on-demand classes, you don’t have to adhere to a set schedule, and the number of classes you can take is virtually limitless. Everything is at your fingertips, whether you want to maintain overall health, increase flexibility, build muscle, or just boost your mental health.

Second, you can choose from various options to get the results you want, including class type, workout length, warm-ups, and form tutorials. Plus, on-demand classes allow you to save your favorite videos and return again and again whenever you want for a fun and inviting experience. 

Third, online videos promote the power of convenience. The most significant benefit of online fitness classes is the fact that they are always available 24/7. Finding time to get to the gym can be a real challenge for busy people, but exercising suddenly works as long as you have space and access to online classes. We know that staying true to your goals can be challenging, which is why convenience is king. 

At Community Fitness, you can access pre-recorded and livestream classes on your phone, laptop, tablet, or smart tv. Most of our classes require minimal space and equipment, so you can work out whenever and wherever is best for you and your schedule. Check out all of our class options here.

Community Fitness Has It All

We’ve all had to find our new normal after the pandemic, and at Community Fitness, we’ve got everything you need for your fitness journey. So come into the studio and feel the energy, tune in at home to our livestream classes, or browse through our on-demand fitness video collection and find the workout that speaks to you. 

When you’re ready to join a fantastic community and need a new way to jumpstart your fitness routine, we’d love to help you however we can. Start by browsing our on-demand classes and get a taste of why our gym is different (and better!).