7 Exercises That Will Relieve Your Stress

Stress is a factor of life we all have to manage, but it can really start to take a toll on both our physical and mental health if constant. Though biologically, stress can boost our alertness and performance in small doses. This is great if you’re trying to escape a predator like our ancestors used to. However, it’s not great when that stress is triggered constantly, perhaps due to being overworked or overwhelmed. 

When stressed, our bodies release hormones using a stress response system. These hormones can help you run faster or feel less pain in small bursts. But when those fluctuations are consistent, it could lead to potential health problems. Chronic stress has been linked with chronic health conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, depression, and more.

Don’t worry, though! Regular physical exercise can help you properly manage your stress response system and get it functioning in a more balanced way. In addition, exercise helps to release natural endorphins that can help reduce stress. So if you’ve been looking for some activities to help relieve stress, you’ve come to the right place. Read on as we describe some of the stress-relieving benefits that come with specific exercises.

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Try These Empowering Exercises To Relieve Stress

This article will cover different exercises that can relieve stress and provide your mind and body with plenty of benefits. We hope this brief guide will help you find an option that fits your lifestyle!


High-intensity interval training (HIIT) are great workouts to relieve stress because they are intense but quick so that you can fit them into tight schedules. Another benefit of HIIT workouts is that short and intense workouts require a ton of focus, which means you can’t think about the things that are stressing you! 

Focusing on your form keeps your mind strong, which helps combat stress. Conditioning workouts require you to count reps and focus on the activity at hand. 

Power Walking

The simplest way to get some great exercise to relieve stress is to go for a brisk walk. Some studies suggest that even a fast 10-minute walk is enough to restore calm and ease the anxiety that comes with stress. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America says that short walks are just as beneficial as a long walk to help you relieve stress.

Jogging or Running

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention jogging or running, but only if your joints are up for it! If you’ve got some pent-up stress, release it by picking up the pace on your evening walk. Make sure you have a safe route as you ease that tension, and get yourself a good set of shoes that support your feet and help you maintain a safe form.


Swimming is another great option on our list of exercises to relieve stress. We love it because it’s a full-body workout that is great for the cardiovascular system and offers some resistance, as water is denser than air. In addition, many people report that being submerged in water is a soothing experience in itself, making for an even more relaxing and enjoyable workout experience.

Cycling or Spin Classes

At Community Fitness, we love cycling because it’s easy on the joints but can still provide a heart-pumping workout that relieves stress and makes you feel strong and powerful. Stationary bikes are safe and fun, but bicycling outside is a great option, too, if you have a bike. Don’t forget your helmet!


You already know that yoga is an excellent stress-relief exercise. It combines a series of moving and stationary poses and deep breathing to help you fully connect your ind and body. Yoga is incredible for strengthening your body’s natural relaxation response and bringing you into a healthy balance. 

If your goal is to calm down and ease stress, aim for gentle yoga or beginner classes. Power or cardio yoga might feel too intense if you’re stressed out.


Is there anything more joyful than busting a move to great music? Dancing is a fantastic way to ease stress and get a great sneaky workout. At Community Fitness, our dance classes are enjoyable social experiences that can help you feel more connected and supported, helping you feel less anxious regularly.

Which Exercise Is Best?

Now that you’ve read through various exercises to relieve stress, you’re probably wondering which activity is best. When you really break it down, the best exercise is one that you can stick to regularly and enjoy the most! If you enjoy it, you’re much more likely to engage with it regularly and start building those healthy, stress-relieving habits. If you hate running but love dancing, then dancing is the choice for you!

How often you should exercise in a week or a day varies from person to person. There is no one-size-fits-all prescription that will automatically help you feel less stressed. Don’t stress yourself out even more by struggling to get those daily workouts. Aim to fit exercise in as often as your schedule allows without putting yourself at risk of injury. If you can only manage 10 minutes of yoga daily right now, that’s great! Anything is better than nothing; starting small and working up will still help you feel those benefits. Make sure you’re setting reasonable goals for exercising.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recommends getting 2.5-5 hours of exercise every week if you can. At Community Fitness, we have in-person and online classes that are designed to keep you engaged, challenge you, and make you feel great about improving your well-being. We find that working out with a group is so much more rewarding than trying to stay accountable by ourselves. Browse through some free courses or sign up today to see what we mean. If you’re ready to feel great, relieve stress, and feel part of a community with the same goals, you’ve found it! Start here.